The Importance of Networking in Order to Build your Blog

I will readily admit that this is still an area I struggle with. I enjoy social media, but I prefer to lurk rather than produce content. In order to achieve the views I desire on my website, I’ve learned that networking is vital to attracting people to view your work.

There are a few different ways to attract traffic. The biggest and most simple way is to advertise on social media. Adding tiny snippets that pose a sense of wonder within the reader will encourage their curiosity to click the link to your content.

The biggest source of my traffic? Pinterest. My hobbies and line of work are the biggest hits on Pinterest. As of this blog post, I’m averaging around 80k views per month on my pins which generates quite a bit of traffic on my website. The most encouraging pins? Ones about genealogy, recipes, early childhood education or home daycare.

I’ve tried with instagram. The problem with instagram is that you need to have a way with photos. It’s an art. Frankly, I’m lazy and don’t care enough to make my profile pretty so I don’t have a lot of followers, but if I put in the effort to make it visually appealing, I’m sure I would generate awareness of my site and consequently more traffic. Many influencers swear by certain filters that make their content flow seamlessly, and some even go as far as to wear similar colored clothing for each photo to keep a theme. It takes a lot of dedication.

The platform that I use the most often is Facebook. I use it to connect with my family and friends, so it’s more than just business for me. Through Facebook, I will link posts I’ve made in mom groups if a certain topic is being discussed, or I will post tidbits with links on my Facebook website page to entice readers. The inviting of random people to like your page is also a simple way of generating traffic because even if they don’t like your page they will click the link out of curiosity.

Twitter is fairly simple. So long as I post frequently and engage with other posters, I’m able to gain followers.

One of the biggest ways of generating new followers and keeping your audience engaged is getting involved. Respond to comments on blog posts, like statuses on Facebook, retweet funny pictures on twitter and send encouraging DMs on Instagram. Keeping contact with people will build your connective network and help grow your brand.

Any other tips I should know? Leave them below.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Networking in Order to Build your Blog

  1. New mama blogger here! Thanks for the tip! I often “ social media stalk “ but never engage. In general I need to be more social!
    Hoping to create more than just a blog here 💗

  2. I have learnt that consistency in posting plays an important role in driving traffic to my social media profiles. as a mum, this is something I have to schedule, otherwise i would never do it.

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