Five Ways to Occupy your Time While Late Night Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a challenge. It’s a serious challenge. There are the initial complexities of learning how to breastfeed properly (latch, tongue ties), dealing with the problems that can arise (low supply, not being able to pump, over supply), physical problems (cracking and bleeding, pain while feeding, infections) and the hormonal changes. It’s a constant battle and requires a ton of effort from both mom and baby. It’s a lot of late nights, frequent wakings and when you finally nail down a schedule – BOOM. It’s time for a leap week. Sigh.

I’ve experienced this now with both of my children. The late nights, the crying, the sleep deprivation and I often wondered what I could do to stay sane. The experts tell you to use low light and try not to engage or interact with baby so they’ll go back to sleep. So where does that leave us?

The milk machines need entertainment too! This prevents us from falling asleep while feeding (guilty – side feeding while lying down while bedsharing has saved me on that one). For my article on safe bedsharing practices, click here. I am in no way a medical professional, and always advise you to consult your physician for up to date information about cosleeping and bedsharing.

I found it hard to lose my precious sleep with a newborn, but once I found some things to occupy my time, it really wasn’t so bad. Here are some of the ways I dealt with the frequent late night awakenings during the first year of my children’s lives.

Find a good audiobook.

Not one of those audiobooks with the narrators who drone on and on because that will put you back to sleep. I’m talking about a fast paced thriller that will get your mind going, one that will get you thinking, one that excites you to continue. Just download Overdrive and search your local library for free audiobooks that you can check out and voila. Just make sure you use headphones to not wake baby. That is crucial. For some good reading suggestions, click here!

Start a new tv series.

Not only Netflix of course. My daughter was a colicky frequent all night partier, and I survived while watching entire seasons of shows like Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files on YouTube (check out my reviews here!). God bless the beautiful souls who uploaded those. Having a new series will keep you entertained during those long nights.

Download a competitive game app.

Something with trivia, or puzzles. Something that makes you think and keeps your mind engaged. I recommend 94%, Candy Crush, Sudoku, Word Crossy and PopWords. These all keep your mind sharp while feeding baby.

Start your family tree.

Not sure how? Click here for my article on how to begin.

Blog or journal.

Beginning a blog on a simple platform is easy, free and gratifying. You can go back and look at it in the future when those late nights are all a miserable blur. I recommend because it has a super user friendly simple format that anyone can figure out.

Journaling is therapeutic, and it is an amazing keepsake to look back on in the future. For ideas of what to journal, click here and read my article on 52 journal prompts to get started. Purchase a cute journal and jot all your thoughts down!

I hope these five suggestions gave you some ideas on how to pass the time while feeding. Keep on boobing ladies!


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