Paramedics Came to my House! Story time.

My daughter and son couldn’t be more different as infants. My daughter was extremely needy, borderline colicky and she cried all the time if I wasn’t holding her. The car didn’t console her, other people couldn’t console her, no bottle, no soother, no distraction of any kind – she only wanted me. My son on the other hand: easy going, sleeps well, content to have anyone hold him… I could go on and on.

I wasn’t used to his little noises that he made, and he was always so quiet. He was born with a lot of mucus in his chest from birth, and he would cough up a lot of it from time to time. I noticed two days after we brought him home that his breathing was a bit strained. He made sounds like he was a pig (snort snort) with each breath he took. The other breaths were quick and sounded almost wheezy. I had never experienced this with my daughter, but for my own reassurance, I called Telehealth (a team of nurses who offer medical advice over the phone in the province of Ontario).

I explained to the nurse what was happening, and before I even knew what was happening she informed me that she sent paramedics to my house. I was in shock, and of course this sent me into a panic. My husband was outside and heard me crying, and ran up the back steps to find out what was going on. We waited on the front porch for the paramedics to come, and they came down the road with lights and sirens going. Talk about embarrassing.

They pull in the driver, and two moms jump out of the rig. One comes up to me, sees I’m visibly upset and starts consoling me while looking at him. My son on the other hand, fast asleep with his little crinkly pig sounds. They don’t look concerned and take him from me into the rig and begin doing some vital signs on him. The second they touch a stethoscope to him to listen to his breathing, the cold sensation sends him into an angry scream and voila rattling gone. His vitals were perfect and I apologized for them having to come out. I didn’t expect Telehealth to send an ambulance to my house!

Turns out it was trapped mucus in his throat which was making the noise whenever he breathed in. No fluid in his lungs, no rapid heart rate or anything worrisome. He gets a clean bill of health at the age of two days, and I get reassurance from the paramedics that it was a better safe than sorry situation.

Moral of the story: if you tell a team of nurses over the phone that your two day old baby is making funny breathing sounds, they will send an ambulance to your home!

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