A Year’s Worth of Journaling (Journalwithme#53)

The past year has been a whirlwind of emotion. So much has happened, so many good, positive experiences that have forever shaped my future and my life. This week’s question asks:

“Looking back on the year, are you proud of yourself? What did you accomplish this year? What major events happened?”

I would say I have pride in my accomplishments throughout the past year. I overcame a very challenging first year with my daughter, and helped her develop and thrive into this inquisitive, unique young girl who wants to learn everything she can learn. I helped bring her out of her shell by introducing some playmates for her through my home daycare business, and from that she’s developed socially and created some lasting friendships. My home daycare helped me discover a lot about myself as well, and helped me develop my professional life as well as being able to raise my daughter. This was incredibly important to me.

Obviously my pregnancy has taken up a large portion of the last year. I’m so excited to be growing my family, and I cannot wait to see how my daughter does as a big sister. My heart is filled with such joy. My little man was born on Saturday, and he is such a content, sweet little boy. I am infatuated with him.

I am excited to continue to grow my blog, perfect my home daycare business and tackle my writing and genealogy hobbies whenever I am able to have a bit more time. My family takes the number one spot on my list of priorities so that I can continue to run my household as best I can with my new addition.

Follow my blog for new Journal with Me questions that will be posted soon and we can begin the process all over again. Thank you so much for reading.

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