Pampers vs Huggies

When it comes to disposable diapers, the two top names always seem to be Pampers and Huggies. There are subtle differences between the two, but both seem to share the same end goal: to efficiently diaper your child and make sure they are comfortable until they’re able to gain control of their bladders.

However in my daughter’s two and a half years of life, I’ve experimented with both brands and explored each different option as well as their wipe collection to see which one suited my daughter’s needs the most. I found that there were pros and cons to both brands. Here is my summarized collection of findings!


Pampers won me over initially back when I worked in licensed care. After my husband and I got married and I began really focusing my attention on starting a family, I began collecting the Pampers points that are offered on each sleeve of diapers. The daycare parents would bring them in and not redeem the codes, so I would take it upon myself to begin my collection. The Pampers points can be redeemed for different prizes that are periodically switched up but have included coupons to Pampers products, magazine subscriptions, toys, books and decor.

After my daughter was born, only three lines within Pampers were available: Swaddlers, Cruisers and Baby Dry. Recently, Pampers also added Pure and Sensitive, but those didn’t exist when my daughter was a newborn.


Photo from Walmart

My daughter’s first diaper was a Swaddler. I loved the simplicity of the diaper, the amount of liquid it was able to absorb and the indicator stripe on the front of the diaper that showed when it was wet was really beneficial. It was easy to put on, easy to change and they pulled the liquid off of the baby’s skin leaving it smooth and dry.

The problem I had with the Swaddler was that they’re the most expensive line Pampers had to offer, I’m presuming because of all the bells and whistles so to speak. The cost per diaper was significantly higher than their other lines, but the quality was too tempting to leave.

Swaddlers are offered beginning in size newborn and offered up to size 6. I strayed away from Swaddlers when our stash from my husband’s diaper party ran out to see what other economical options were out there.

Swaddlers are now also offered in a “sensitive” brand as well as an overnight option.

Baby Dry

Photo from Amazon

Baby Dry is Pampers economical option. You get the lowest cost per diaper with this specific line, and it has no bells or whistles. The design is simple, it’s a teal blue color with Sesame Street characters on it. There is no wetness indicator and no other “bells or whistles.”

It’s your basic diaper. I found nothing special about it. One thing I wasn’t a fan of is that although it advertises as being 12 hour protection, my daughter is leaking through the diapers at night. I also sized her up at night, and it didn’t help. It’s the best economical option but I wasn’t a big fan of the bit.

Baby Dry are available in sizes 3 through 7.


Photo from amazon

I left my favourite diaper for last. It seems to be the best fit on my daughter, and it looks super comfortable. She never complains when I put them on her, and she loves the designs on the diapers. These are definitely the most “fun” diapers, and have amazing designs and patterns which makes these diapers stand out.

They don’t leak, they don’t irritate my daughter’s skin, they fit her the best and they’re priced in the mid level range per diaper.

They’re available in sizes 3 through 7.


I purchased a couple different varieties of their wipes, and came to the same conclusion about all of them: they’re too dry. I found that they didn’t clean as efficiently as other wipes, and that I had to use more of them to clean my daughter’s messes than another brand. Disappointing.


My first impression of Huggies was meh. I found they had a bit of a chemical smell to them, and that put me on edge. I was given a few boxes for my husband’s diaper party, and I wanted to try them on my daughter to see for myself whether or not I liked them.

When working in licensed care, I’ve seen both Huggies and Pampers come through and I’ve always preferred Pampers. Huggies offers several different lines within their brand: Snugglers, Movers and Snug and Dry. They also have Overnights and “Plus” varieties for Snugglers and Movers.


Photo from amazon

Snugglers are Huggies direct equivalent of Pampers Swaddlers. They offer similar features: wetness indicator, soft diaper, and pull the wetness away from the baby’s skin. Honestly, I didn’t find that big of a difference between these and the Swaddlers.

They feature a really cute Disney design and have Winnie the Pooh characters on them. They fit a little smaller than the Swaddlers in my opinion. This is Huggies “bells and whistles” line and is offered in sizes premie through 6.

Snug and Dry

Photo from Amazon

This is the line I initially had the problem with. It is comparable to Pampers Baby Dry line, and it is Huggies economical option. The diapers themselves don’t feel well made to me, and they have quite a chemical smell. The design on the diaper is very basic, and I found it leaked quite a bit. The nail in the coffin for this particular diaper though? It gave me daughter a rash. It almost looked like she was chaffing around her thighs and the rash only went away when I stopped using the diapers.

Snug and Dry is offered in sizes newborn through 6.

Little Movers

Image from Amazon

This diaper is the most comparable to my favourite Pampers’ diaper: the cruiser. The diaper itself feels like it’s well made. The fit is very similar to the Pampers version as well. The pattern on the diaper is very basic, and it offers the wetness indicator that is also featured on the Snugglers diaper.

The diaper has a lot of padding and it seems bulky in comparison to the Pampers diaper which is thinner. They gave my daughter a minor irritation rash, so I stopped using them after the box finished.

They’re available in sizes 3 through 6.


Surprisingly, I found the wipes I like the most were from the Huggies brand. I had only ever tried their basic wipe, and I found them to be oversaturated and they tore every time I used them.

The wipes I like by Huggies are their natural care wipes. They’re made from 99% water based product, and they’re sensitive and comfortable. They are saturated, but not overly. I discovered them through one of my daycare kids, and tried them on my daughter.

In conclusion, I prefer Pampers diapers to Huggies diapers, and I prefer Huggies wipes to Pampers wipes. Each brand offers something positive, and they both offer quality products. My opinion may change after I have my son, so I guess we will see!

One thought on “Pampers vs Huggies

  1. Pamela

    Great piece!

    I found quickly that both pampers and buggies gave Cillian a rash. That lead me to the Honest Co. brands. I found the fit comfortable for him, no rashes and the variety of adorable designs were all perfect. The only thing I didn’t like was the price! However, to keep Cillian happy we continued until we made the move to pull ups.

    I have always liked the Huggies wipes. I also have been happy with the Costco Kirkland brand.

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