Charity Work (Journalwithme#50)

There’s something to be said about someone who selflessly volunteers their time to benefit a community group or charity. I honestly wish I had more time to commit to a worthy cause, but alas my insane schedule of balancing a toddler, pregnancy, blog and a home daycare has me tied up for weeks at a time without any breathing room.

This week’s question asks:

“Have you ever gotten involved with any charities? Do you donate when you can? Do you volunteer anytime?”

This journal with me is not to brag about what little I’ve done in the past, but perhaps to inspire someone else wanting to do something similar.

When I was in high school, a requirement was to complete forty hours of community service. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to volunteer, until I stumbled upon a local youth group. They ran a sports themed night each Monday evening, and it was my job to ensure it ran smoothly. I helped shape up the programming, supervised the younger youth and just hung out with them. At first it was a requirement for graduation, but then I discovered how much I actually enjoyed my time there. This spread to helping with a special prom program where the group was given fancy dresses by locals in the community and hair stylists and makeup artists donated their time to help underprivileged girls afford their dream prom. I honestly feel that this helped inspire my end goal of working with children and my journey to completing my post secondary schooling in early childhood education.

As for donating, my family regularly donated items to our local thrift shops. It declutters my house, and helps create revenue for the charities the thrift shop supports. We also regularly donate to our local children’s hospital, and to the Salvation Army’s Christmas fund each year. I think these causes are very important, and also near and dear to my heart.

I honestly wish I could volunteer a bit of my time to help out somewhere. I would love to help organize community fundraisers or dinners or something. Maybe I’ll be one of those PTA moms when my daughter is in school! Who knows. Only time will tell.

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