The Beauty of Nature (Journalwithme#49)

This week’s questions brings up the topic of what you love about nature. Nature is such a beautiful and powerful force. It brings comfort, relaxation and so much beauty. It can also be a torrential force that terrifies and destroys within seconds.

I love what the planet has to offer. One day I would love to go and visit different climates all around the world and experience what different areas have to offer. I’ve been lucky to experience so many different aspects of nature.

I’ve been able to experience the depths of the clear blue ocean by snorkeling off the coasts of Grand Turk, Dominican Republic and Cuba. I’ve been lucky to experience deep rich forests where trees with canopies grew tall and covered the sky. I’ve been to lakes where the water rippled so peacefully, and you can hear its waves lapping at the shore as you sit on a deck and rock slowly back and forth. I’ve enjoyed the simple chirps of the birds as they sing within the trees.

I’ve skated along the icy canal in the middle of winter and experienced snowflakes softly falling on my cheeks. I’ve endured storms with thunder so loud it shook my house, and lightning that lit up the entire sky. I’ve been able to witness the glow of thousands of stars on the moonlit clear night, and counted the constellations as they looked down on us.

I’d love to experience the heat of the desert, and seeing the pyramids that rise from the middle of the sand dunes. I’d love to experience the call of the Amazon jungle, where the animals roam freely and hang from the trees. I’d love to see the bayous in the southern states, where the swampy marsh houses all sorts of terrifying creatures. I would love to experience the mountains, being in one of the tallest areas of the world miles above sea level. I’d love to see the natural glaciers, and watch as their water reflects off of their icy base.

Nature is beautiful. Nature is amazing. What’s your favourite part of nature?

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