My Vision of the World 1000 Years From Now (Journalwithme#48)

This week’s Journal with Me involves predicting what the future holds for us. It asks us to predict what the world will be like in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years and finally 1000 years.

Honestly, I’m a bit terrified thinking about what the future holds for myself and my family. I know that there are several hot topic items that will need to be addressed in this post, and that makes me nervous. What really makes me nervous is the likelihood or possibility of my predictions coming true. Some of these things are going to happen to future generations in my family lineage, and I worry for their safety and security despite the fact that I will be long gone. If this isn’t motivation for keeping a journal, I don’t know what is!

Okay. Here we go.

10 Years from Now

I think the world will be relatively the same. We will still be fighting in certain areas of the world. More buildings will burn. More savage people will continue to attack civilized nations. The environmental impact we’re having will continue to increase. We will get new devices, new technology, new inventions, new music – all these things that will attune to the new culture of the 2020s. My daughter will be approaching her teen years ten years from now, and this terrifies me.

50 Years from Now

I will be old. I will be 80 years old. I’m hoping I’ll be retired and relaxing somewhere surrounded by books and photographs and other things I love (like my husband! Haha!). I think within my lifetime, there will be another world war. I wish there wasn’t, and I hope there won’t be one, but there is so much conflict in the world that honestly it’s inevitable. The scariest part though is we don’t know the extent of the damage that can occur because of these wars in the future. I think technology will be further developed, and they will start curbing resources in order to help our dying planet. I feel like plastic will be a thing of the past, and a new biodegrade source will be introduced. More electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. No more traditional coffin burials. A lot of things will change.

100 Years from Now

I’ll be long dead by then. I think the world will be evolved into something completely unrecognizable. I think all of our history will be preserved underground and sealed away from the public. I think the sea levels will rise and certain coastal cities will be affected by the change. I think the earth will give us much more resistance and begin fighting back to all the damage done. I think more species will go extinct, and more hybrid species will be accidentally introduced. People will communicate using chips imbedded in their brains, or they will find a different method of communicating with one another that doesn’t involve a handheld device. Driving will be a thing of the past, and self driving cars that chauffeur us around will replace that. The government will control a lot more than we want them to.

1000 Years from Now

I think a major environmental shift will happen. It could be in the form of world wide flooding, another ice age, earthquakes that shift the way land is formed… who knows. I feel like the world will be unrecognizable to those of us who are alive today. Books will be a thing of the past and everything will be digital. Music will be an exotic past time and people will be too focused on themselves or their world to enjoy culture, history or any sort of down time. I feel like everything is going to be regulated and mandated, and we will be “free” or as free as the governments let you be. Flying cars like the Jetsons predicted? I don’t know. A thousand years from now seems like a scary place.

What’s your vision of the future like? I’m curious to read your comments and responses!

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