Transitioning My Daughter from a Crib to a Toddler Bed

I was SO NERVOUS about transitioning my daughter to a toddler bed. It took a long time to get her out of my bed into her crib (14 months!) and then she loved her crib so much.

Our reason for switching her? Her little brother. I’m currently pregnant with her little brother and I’m due in July. We need the crib for him eventually, and I thought since it takes her a long time to adjust to change, that I would help her adjust to a toddler bed before he arrived. I didn’t want her to think that he was coming to take her bed, and I wanted her to be comfortable throughout every step we took to transition her.

She never tried to climb out of the crib. She loved her crib and her sleep sack. I tried to have her sleep with a little Paw Patrol blanket to try and get her away from her sleep sack, and it didn’t work. I thought that maybe a more plush, heavy blanket would be better so I went to Ikea and purchased a toddler duvet and duvet cover. While we were at Ikea, she noticed the cribs with the toddler rails already mounted on them, and immediately climbed into one. She was excited to tell us about the big girl bed, and when asked if she wanted one of her own, she shrieked yes!

That evening, my husband removed the front rail of her crib, and we installed the bed rail. We washed her new duvet and cover, and set up her bed. She was thrilled to be able to climb in and out of her bed herself, and laid down right away. We kept all other parts of the routine the same, and went through with the remainder of her nightly routine. She climbed into the bed, laid down and slept through the night. She, at no point, tried to climb out of her bed and she did not fight it. She is so comfortable in her bed that I think removing the front of her crib was the easiest way to transition her into a toddler bed without the actual shock of placing her in an entirely new bed.

Our next task? The twin bed. My father in law is currently refinishing a bedroom set we were given by my husband’s aunt (thank you!) and this will become my daughter’s bedroom set. She is obsessed with anything Paw Patrol, and we knew that we wanted to give her a set of Paw Patrol sheets to go on this new bed to help her make it more exciting. We ended up finding a sheet set that came with a comforter and a tote bag for $10 more than it would’ve cost us just for the sheets! We’re thinking it was probably a promotional thing. Needless to say, she absolutely loved them and was so excited. Stay tuned for an update from transitioning from her toddler crib bed into an actual twin!

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