Describing my Soulmate (Journalwithme#47)

This week’s question focuses on your soulmate. What qualities would you want to them have, or if you’ve already found your soulmate, what qualities DO they already have? What do they look like? What’s their personality like?

I’ve been married for four years now, but I’ve been with my husband for eleven years (over a THIRD of my life). That’s a long time. I’ve come to accept that this goofy dork who snores in bed next to me is indeed my soulmate, and here’s why.

He could read this, and not get offended by the phrase “goofy dork.” He understands my sense of humor and I understand his. He knows what makes me laugh and we make it our mission to make each other laugh. We mesh like ying and yang, and simultaneously flow together nowadays. That age old saying about ending each other’s sentences? It’s true. We know what the other is trying to say by just an eye roll, or a casual glance at something, or one of us forgetting the word in a conversation and the other jumping in.

We always have something to talk about. Despite being together for so many years, we still seek out each other’s company and interest even after a long day. He listens to me rant and ramble about my adventures with my daughter and her pals, and he tells me about the clients he’s dealt with or a funny anecdote about his coworkers. We get a good laugh out of it and it helps us unwind after a long day.

We both crave our alone time. This one is HUGE. I love having my alone time, because it gives me the time to unwind after spending the day entertaining children under four years old. I need that “me” time, that adult creativity time where I can work on my blog, write my novel, work on genealogy, read a good book or just surf Facebook and watch Netflix. He has his silly shows he loves to watch, and has a dedicated “man cave” complete with comfy couch and tv downstairs. When we feel like hanging out, we hang out. Sometimes we just crave doing our own thing and that’s okay too.

He makes me feel good about myself, despite my bad days. I feel guilty about so many things – over analyzing my mom skills, worrying about things I shouldn’t really been fussing over or just having a bad day. He tries to cheer me up and says something positive to me even if I look like a total mess. At eight months pregnant, those little things mean a lot. I try to do the same for him but honestly he does so much for us that most of my comments go towards how appreciative of him I am, and I hope that makes him feel good about himself. He’s such a hard worker and I love that he puts in 110% into everything he does.

Even when we fight, we still know how to repair the damage we cause. It’s amazing what good communication can do. I love him more and more each day, and I’m excited to see how he is as a father of two come July!

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