Using Different Materials with Finger Paint

The end result of the art process isn’t always the most important thing. Allowing children to discover various mediums through exploration allows them to build their schemas about art and about the different properties surrounding the concept of creating art. After trying different brands of paint and rating them for their vibrancy, washabilty and friendliness for little hands, I have discovered the joys of the Crayola Washable Finger Paint. I gave it a test run today with my toddlers, and they certainly made a mess of themselves. The paint came RIGHT off. It claimed to be washable, and it was very much so unlike other brands I tried (cough Elmer’s cough). The paint can be found here.

I also gave the toddlers different mediums to paint with. I included pine cones and cotton balls this time to encourage them to get a bit messy. My daughter wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of getting her hands dirty, but she ended up enjoying it more when she realized how easily the paint came off.

The final products turned out pretty darn cute. All three of them, despite my protesting, decided to choose orange colored paper. I was hoping they would choose white so they could mix the colors and get the full effect of the art activity, but alas it was not worth the arguing with a handful of two and three year old. They had a blast!

Check out the end result below.

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