Do I Believe in Astrology? (Journalwithme#46)

This week’s “Journal with Me” asks all about your astrological sign. What is your sign? Do you agree with the personality traits to encompasses? Do you believe in astrology? If you could merge signs, which ones do you feel would represent you the most?

I was born on the Virgo/Libra cusp. According to the various websites I quickly skimmed, they all describe Virgo and Libra the same way.


  • analytical
  • loyal
  • kind
  • hardworking
  • practical
  • can be shy
  • worries all the time
  • critical of self and others
  • constantly working on something
  • cold


  • cooperative
  • diplomatic
  • gracious
  • fair-minded
  • social
  • indecisive
  • avoids confrontation
  • carries a grudge
  • feels sorry for themselves
  • superficial

Judging by these traits alone, I can equally relate to both signs. I definitely sway a bit more toward the Virgo sign, but I can display some of the Libra signs as well. I am type A, and extremely organized, analytical, practical and hardworking. These traits are true to a fault. Sometimes I get so focused that I forget what is going on around me and will ignore people, which leads me to relating to the “cold” personality trait symptom as well. Because of my “perfectionist” traits, I am definitely critical of both myself and others, although I have relaxed on the others a bit.

In relation to Libra, I am indecisive, I hate confrontation unless I HAVE to get involved, I carry a grudge like no tomorrow and I will sometimes feel sorry for myself. My type A Virgo traits nip that one in the bud pretty quick though. I can relate to the more positive traits of diplomacy and cooperation – I’m pretty flexible and easy going and I can be accommodating. The accommodations just have to fit into this mold I’ve created in my mind of what I want the overall final product to be.

I don’t believe in the “science” behind astrology, and I definitely don’t have a strong connection to astrology. I find that it’s more entertainment than anything else. I remember pouring over teen magazines with my friends at slumber parties and trying to relate to each of the signs, but those were mostly for fun.

What’s your sign? Do you feel like your personality reflects the one dictated by your astrological sign? Let me know down below!


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