Sample Child Questionnaire for Home Daycare

One of the most helpful tools I have for both myself and my clients is the Child Questionnaire. It’s a series of questions about everything pertaining to and relating to their child’s personality, daily routine and so much more. I compiled this list of questions for the parents to take home and answer before submitting them with the final registration papers.

The information that you receive from this is valuable, and it is there to help you help their child settle into the new routine that you are creating for them within your home daycare environment. The goal is to show the children that you are able to accommodate their individual needs while maintaining a routine that works well for your center.

In my questionnaire, I ask for basic information about prior care – whether or not their child has been in care before and who has cared for them, whether or not they’ve attended play group and if they’re familiar with group environments. A child who has never been away from their parents will react differently than a child who has plenty of experience within other centers, being cared for by other people or attending play groups frequently.

I ask about the child’s sleep routine. I ask everything from the symptoms of fatigue their child will display, to whether they use a sleep aid to help them fall asleep, to exactly how their child sleeps and how frequently or often they sleep.

I next question their child’s eating. I ask basics about their food likes and dislikes, and ask about common allergens. This questionnaire is aimed at children who are toddler age or younger, so I also focus on asking about what sorts of beverages their child consumes regularly (formula, breast milk, homo milk, water etc).

I ask about their activity interests and what sorts of things they enjoy doing. This will allow me to try and include some of their interests within my programming to help them feel more involved and intrigued. A happy child is a more relaxed child.

The final thing I focus on revolves around their child’s personality and their accomplishments. I ask about toilet training, disciplinary practices, separation anxiety, self dressing and more. All of these things help me paint a better picture of the child, and help me come up with solutions to help their child settle if they’re having a difficult time.

I hope this Child Questionnaire helps you learn more about the families within your care! Let me know if you feel there is anything that I should add.

Child Questionnaire

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