“Tool Box” Father’s Day Craft

Today we did a simple craft that involved a few basic components but had a lot of learning benefits for both my toddler and preschool aged children. By simplifying the activity for the toddlers and expanding on the activity for the preschoolers, I was able to give them all an activity that challenged them at their level.

This activity focused on:

  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, pasting and coloring)
  • Receptive language by listening and following direction
    Spatial awareness

What You Need

  • Large sheets of construction paper
  • Smaller different colored construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors (and optional toddler scissors)
  • Coloring page with tools, or own precut tools

First I gave the children coloring sheets with an assortment of tools on it. I printed the sheet from here, but you could make your own tools if you’re feeling ambitious. They each colored and decorated their own sheets.

While they were busy working on their sheets, I prepared the tool boxes and the accessories. You will need to cut out:

  • Tool boxes out of large sheets of paper
  • Handles
  • “Locks”
  • Holes for these “locks”
  • Name plate

Fold each end of the paper so they meet in the middle of the sheet, and then pull one end of the paper slightly over top the other side and fold down firmly.

Glue on the handle, name plate and keyhole. If the preschoolers want to do it, let them!

Cut out the tools (or let the preschoolers practice with scissors). Give the children a glue stick and watch them have fun gluing and sticking their tools all throughout their toolboxes.

Sometimes their practice cutting ends up taking off a little more than they anticipated. It’s all okay though!

The toddlers loved gluing on their pieces. The glue sticks are fascinating.

Once they’re done gluing the tools into the spaces, write their name on the name plate and watch their faces swell with pride when they have their very own tool boxes to present to their parents.

What did your tool boxes come out looking like?

Another idea would be to turn these into Father’s Day cards. You could include a photo of them and a cute caption in the middle.

So many possibilities!

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