Learning a New Language (Journalwithme#45)

Language is the basis of communication throughout the world. It’s how we engage with one another, find love, trade goods, archive our history, develop our policies, negotiate agreements and live our lives.

This week’s question asks:

“If you could learn another language, what language would you choose to learn?”

On the basis of easier communication, I would choose to be fluent in French. For those who do not know, I am Canadian, and French is one of our national languages. Being fluently bilingual could open up a whole series of job possibilities and ease communication with others in my area. I am able to conversationally speak French, but I lost my fluency when I was younger.

Another language I would choose to learn would be Spanish. My mother’s side of the family is from Colombia, and there is a severe language barrier between my Canadian family and them. They do not speak English, and we do not speak Spanish. I would love to learn Spanish so I could talk to them freely and not have to rely on translation assistance from my Colombian bilingual friends.

What language would you love to learn?

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