Five Books You Should Read (#1)

I’m going to keep this introduction brief by simply saying here are five books that you should consider reading. I really loved all of them for different reasons. They’re all of different genres, so there should be something for everyone!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Genre – New Adult Fantasy [purchase here]

This novel is the first novel in a series about fey. Wait! Don’t judge it just yet. I had the SAME reaction. Fey as in fairies? You lost me. It’s seriously worth a read. This story is a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and is also the first book in a series that just keeps getting better and better. It follows a young woman named Feyre, and she is living in the woods with her two sisters and her father. They’re very poor, and Feyre is forced to hunt in the woods in search of their meals. She is successful when she kills a wolf, and brings it home. Little did she know that the wolf was actually a fey, and a member of a high ranking Lord’s court. She is forced to cross into the land of the Fey, a place that her sisters and father fear and live with a man who she doesn’t trust. Sound familiar? It’s seriously worth the read and is packed with mystery, fantasy, drama, romance and so much more. It does get a bit racy, and is labeled as a “new adult” so if you’re under 18 be cautious when reading!

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Genre – Contemporary Adult Fiction [purchase here]

This book made me laugh! I was able to get a copy of the audiobook version through the library and the way the voice actor read it just made it so much better. The story follows a woman named Lara who has always received the short end of the stick for everything. She feels like she’s always a constant disappointment to her family, especially since her extended family was wildly successful. Her great aunt Sadie passes away and while attending the funeral Lara is able to see Sadie’s ghost. Sadie is a constant badger to Lara, and insists that she help find her lost necklace. This story is a wonderful chick lit that follows two women from very different time periods work together to find a mysterious necklace and at the same time discover a whole bunch of truths about their family. Such a great read. It had me in stitches multiple times.

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Genre – YA Supernatural/Contemporary [purchase here]

This novel is a young adult fiction novel about a teenage girl whose life ends when she is hit by a car while riding her bicycle. The story gives a new perspective to what really happens in life after death- and it’s a pretty unique concept! It’s definitely aimed at younger audiences, but I thoroughly enjoyed it in my teens and recently gave it a re-read a little while ago. It’s a book that makes you think about the unknown, and changes your perspective about life.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

Genre – Adult Historical Fiction [purchase here]

This book is the first book in an adult fiction series that follows a young girl named Tatiana who lives with her family in the middle of a war torn Russian city during World War II. She meets a Red Army soldier named Alexander in the streets, and has a “love at first sight” moment with him, but learns quickly that he is dating her older sister. This story is a historical romance that follows both Tatiana’s romantic endeavors and the struggle her and her family face while living in a Nazi controlled city in Russia. Just a disclaimer – there are a lot of raunchy scenes in this series, so reader discretion is advised.

And the final book I really enjoyed…

The Body Finder by Kimberley Derting

Genre – Adult Supernatural Fiction [purchase here]

This story follows a woman who is able to detect where dead bodies are located by hearing a musical sequence that grows stronger and stronger. They call to her, quite literally, and she is able to find them and help out law enforcement with their locations. It takes a sinister turn one day however, whenever someone begins to hunt her down when they learn of her talent. It’s the first book in a series of fun reads that are sure to keep you vying for more.

Let me know if you read any of these, and what you think!

Disclaimer – Amazon affiliate links may be used.

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