Alphabet Soup Name Craft

Today in Preschool land, I decided to do an activity specifically aimed at my older children to help them with letter recognition and recognizing the letters in their names. It was a simple craft to prepare, and they loved identifying the letters in their names and placing them in their “alphabet soup.”

The colors for the project wouldn’t have necessarily been what I would’ve chosen, but I’m a firm believer in letting the children have a say. They proudly chose brown for the bowl, orange for the spoon and a rosy pink for the “soup.” Okay then.

We assembled all the materials we needed, and began to put together our alphabet soup.

  • Construction paper in three different colors – one cut into a bowl shape, one cut into a wavy shape slightly smaller than the bowl shape, and one cut into spoons.
  • Materials to decorate the soup with. We went with crayons and markers to keep it simple.
  • White glue and glue spreaders.
  • Names cut up into individual letters.

They loved decorating and putting together their soup bowls. This activity focuses on following simple instructions, fine motor, creativity and letter recognition. It was a lot of fun watching their creative minds work!

The end result is so cute. What else could you do to with names to promote letter recognition? Let me know your ideas below!

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