Life Changing Media (Journalwithme#44)

This week’s question asks:

“Is there a novel or movie that has changed your life?”

I could go with a novel that changed my life in the entertainment sense – like Harry Potter for instance. I was sucked into the world of Hogwarts, astonished by the magic and invested many years of my teenage life into the series. I attended midnight premieres for movies, dresses up in costume for book releases that I had preordered months in advance. These novels shaped up my teenage years.

For actual novels that changed my life, I would have to say “The Help” would be one of them. The perspective of the poor subservient “helpers” and their distaste for their families was refreshing. I loved reading about their trust issues with the protagonist, and seeing how real they were. One woman in particular basically raised one of her family’s daughters, and the daughter looked at this woman like her own mother. One of my favourite lines from this book was “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Despite her hardships and the prejudice against her, she was doing her best to raise this little child to be the best she could be, even if her parents were horrible people.

There are so many other wonderful reads out there, especially historical fiction novels. I find that those often hold the truest heart ache and lessons, because they hold a value of truth.

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