10 Must Have Board Games for Family Night

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Apples to Apples

This is one of my husband’s favourite games. You’re given a collection of red apple cards with nouns, and the objective is to match it with a green apple card with an adjective, and the group votes on which red card was the funniest or best. The person with the most green cards at the end wins. There is a similar game more suited for adults called “Cards Against Humanity” with more adult topics. This one is funny as well but definitely not family oriented.


Buzzword is an exciting game that uses a “buzzword” in each round, and gives you a series of ten clues. The correct answer to the clue must contain the “buzzword.” Each round is timed, and it can become a fast paced game very quickly. This game is the most fun to play in teams. There is a junior version for families with younger children, and the regular version is best played by teenagers and older. A favourite to play among my family!


Clue is a classic Hasbro game that involves solving a mystery of who killed a wealthy owner of a mansion, how they killed him and where they killed him. Each player is given a series of cards, and they must travel from room to room within the mansion searching for clues to solve the mystery of what happened to the wealthy owner of the mansion. This game is about deception, wit and it’s a bundle of fun!


Cranium is one of the ultimate party games. You must travel from one end of the board to the other completing a series of tasks from four different categories that test your creativity (clay, sketching), knowledge (multiple choice questions, true or false), performance (humming songs, charades) and language skills (spelling, definition) and more. There are also expansion packs available, as well as versions for younger children. You play in teams which makes it even more fun!

Game of Life

The Game of Life is another classic game. It involves a player driving their car around a board, and stopping at all of the great milestones of life. These include graduating from college or getting a head start in your career, marriage, children, buying a house and more. There are random cards that are drawn that can affect your life choices, and can severely alter the “life” you’ve created within the game. It’s a game of chance with little skill involved, but it is a lot of silly fun.

Pretty Pretty Princess

This was one of my favourite games as a child. The concept of the game is to spin the spinner and move around a circular board collecting colored items of jewelry and the coveted crown. There is one challenging concept that you need to avoid: possession of the unwanted ugly black ring. You can’t win the game if you have the ring. This game is appropriate for children aged three and up. It’s a very basic game.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders, also known as Chutes and Ladders, is a classic children’s board game. You roll a die, and travel back and forth across the numbered board trying to get to the 100 square. If you land on a ladder, you climb rows and are closer to your goal. If you land on a snake, you have to travel back down the board, which puts you at a disadvantage. It’s a game of chance. It can be frustrating, but it’s incredibly simple for even younger children to understand. It also builds on numeracy skills.


Knocking your opponents piece over when you land on that coveted square when they’re on their way back home is iconic. The objective is to get all your little men home safe and sound without getting taken out by opposing teams. First team to get all their people home wins!

Trivial Pursuit

This is the only game my entire family will play. My dad loves this game, all generations of it, all genres of it. We generally play the general trivia, and try and get the more recent versions so my brothers and I (from the millennial generation!) have a fair shot. This game is a must have for family game night!


Last but not least, the cause of family fights at the campground. My brothers and I were subjected to the cheaper version which was called Frustration. Basically the objective of the game is to get your four little men around the board using a “popper” die in the middle of the board without getting taken by someone else and sent back to start. Similar to the game Sorry mentioned above. This one has evil little brothers everywhere waiting eagerly for revenge.

What game would you add to this list? Let me know! Happy gaming!

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