Self Love: The Physical Stuff (Journalwithme#43)

No not that kind of self love. This ‘journal with me’ question involves talking about your favourite physical features: what do you love about yourself? Then we proceed to the flip side of “what would you change?”

Positivity first I always say.

I like my hair most days. It’s long, it’s strong, it’s a mixture of colors and with pregnancy it’s this voluptuous, bouncing mess of waves that hugs my facial profile and cascades down my back. It’s frizzy in the humidity so I’m hoping to donate some again soon before the summer heat hits.

I admire the strength my body has. I was able to successfully carry two children with this body. Yes, it was met with some challenges, but I am happy that I was given the opportunity to have children.

I like how tall I am. Whenever I was younger, I always wished to be a couple inches shorter. I’m 5’9 (5’10 before kids!) and it’s great that I can reach things on the top shelf without having to climb on a step stool.

Now the flip side.

My body changed a lot after birth. I lost an inch in height and gained in somewhere else. My body shape has changed, and it made me lose some confidence that I had before when my clothes fit properly. Most of these things could be slightly altered after the birth of my son but it will probably never go back to the way it was pre pregnancy and that’s ok. I’ve accepted myself, and I’ve accepted the changes my body has gone through (as difficult as some have been to accept). I’m determined to focus on the positives.

What are you proud of? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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