Today I Crafted a Letter

Today I wrote a letter to a great aunt of mine. My grand father (her brother) and I were never close, and he passed over ten years ago. She’s my last living connection to learning about my great grandparent’s family and finding out any information about that branch. I previously tried contacting her through her grand daughter (Facebook, didn’t work out so well) so I thought I would try a different approach and write an old fashioned letter.

Let me tell you – my hand is SORE after writing that letter. It shows how little we use our hands to write now that we’re so reliant on technology all the time. I began by explaining exactly who I was and what my goal was. I indulged in the customary questions about her family and wished her well. Then I dove right into my genealogical questions. I’m hoping she can bridge the gap between different conflicting reports I’m getting from different websites about my family’s heritage, and I also asked her for photographs, heirlooms she may have and any stories she could tell me.

This may be a long shot, she may not even respond, but I’m holding onto hope that I can receive first hand information from her. I included all of my contact information (including this website!) and I’m hoping she will contact me soon. I’m not expecting a whole lot, but it would be incredible if I were able to communicate with her and discuss her family’s heritage from her point of view. She would have so many stories that I would love to hear. Fingers crossed!

Not everyone has the time nor patience for hand writing a letter to try and get the answers they need. Sometimes we go to great lengths during our hunts, and this time it’s initiating contact from afar. I would love to sit down across from my great aunt over a cup of coffee and talk about everything in person, but she is provinces away. One day I hope to make it out there, but until then, this is my best option.

What’s the furthest you’ve gone to achieve the answers you seek? Let me know!

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