Toddler Friendly Mother’s Day Family Activities

Mother’s Day in North America is in the beautiful month of May. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s warm (in most of North America anyway) and spring has sprung. Everyone is starting to come out of the winter slump and ready to enjoy the great outdoors. What better month to celebrate some of the most important and cherished people in our lives?

Gifts are great and all, but the real gift is spending time together as a family (quickly followed by quality alone time to do whatever you want!). Here are some ideas for spending time together as a family, indoors or outdoors. These activities are toddler friendly!

Go for a picnic.

I love picnics. Spending time on a nice, cozy blanket just snacking and enjoying nature. It’s fun observing the other people around you, and watching the animals living their lives. Finger foods are always toddler friendly (think sandwiches, cut up fruits and vegetables, crackers, cheese cubes, granola bars, dry cereal etc). Make sure to bring a thick blanket and lots of wipes or napkins. Bonus if the picnic is at a park, so you can sit and enjoy watching the children play as your partner chases them.

Go for a family walk. The fresh air will put everyone in a good mood. Pick somewhere new and exciting where the kids haven’t been before to keep them engaged. Think near large bodies of water, boardwalks, hikes in the woods, beaches or exploring a new town in your area.

Go out for a lovely brunch. Pro tip? Do it on the Saturday so you miss all the crowds on the Sunday. Pick somewhere child friendly, with quick service and placemats you can color. Order them a chocolate milk and they’ll be happy and hopefully enjoy their brunch. Feed them a quick snack in the morning or an early breakfast so they aren’t hangry by the time you end up eating.

Visit your family. This may not seem overly exciting, but kids love seeing their grandparents and you will be able to enjoy some quiet time while they do alllll the entertaining. Win win.

Go to a flea market or farmer’s market. Flea markets are filled with different and quirky objects. Kids will love seeing all the different things, and maybe you can find something unique to display around your home. Farmer’s markets have delicious fresh crops, prepared foods like pies and cakes, and different homemade goods. Hit up a chip truck on the way home afterward and the kids can enjoy a simple lunch while you marvel over the new treasures you’ve found.

Go for ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream. Enough said.

I hope one of these six ideas works with you and your family. Enjoy the moments you spend with your family, and soak in the well deserved alone time that follows. Happy Mother’s Day!

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