What Makes Your House a Home? (Journalwithme#42)

This week’s question asks:

“What makes your house a home?”

Simple answer for a simple question: the love, the memories and family.

When we first bought our house, I was entirely against it. I believe the style of home we bought was actually on my “no way in hell” list of things I didn’t want in our home. We were prospective first home buyers trying to buy in a market that was very competitive. I wanted the traditional two story home with the fireplace and wrap around porch, but it wasn’t in our budget. Our house has a few flaws like any house does, but what we’ve done here has made such a positive impact that I do not want to leave.

My husband and I matured here. We made this house our home. We came here as an engaged young couple, got married while living here, brought a baby home here and now we’re adding a second baby. Our family is completely changing my original perspective on our house. We also did plenty of updates and cosmetic improvements.

We changed out flooring in the basement after an unexpected water leak damaged the old flooring. Big improvement there. My husband finished the ceiling downstairs to formally convert part of the basement into a finished space. My father in law and husband built custom wall to wall shelving in the room I designated as my office space, and gave me ample space to store some of my most precious possessions. Our kitchen was redone prior to moving in, but we changed out the fridge and the stove to add a more modern look.

Nothing compares to the memories of when we brought my daughter home. Suddenly it wasn’t just our house. Now we had a nursery that we created together. Our daughter has only ever known this house to be her home. She loves being home. I smile with pride whenever I see how happy she is to return home to her house and I remember all the positive memories this house helped us create with her.

Now we are bringing home a second baby. Our guest room is now being formally converted into a living space for him, his space. I’m excited to see the memories that he will make here with his sister. I hope he loves his home as much as the rest of us do.

The love is what makes a house a home. This house went from being nearly ignored, to being reasoned with, to being slowly updated, to being admired and now to being loved. It’s not just a house for me anymore. This is my home.


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