Mother’s Day “Stained Glass” DIY Gift from Children

Mother’s Day is almost upon us! It’s the very end of April when I am writing this post, so it’s time to start thinking about appropriate activities and gifts surrounding Mother’s Day. It’s an important day for everyone involved. The children are always very excited to watch their mothers open their creations, the mother’s are thrilled to see the pride and joy in their child’s face and everyone gets to experience the love that goes into making it a special day.

Every year I see the same gift ideas on rotation, so I thought I would try something new. This idea was so simple to do that the children accomplished it within twenty minutes AND they had a wonderful time executing their creativity into building their creation.

Parents of my home daycare, this is not your surprise gift!

I took some Ikea picture frame holders that feature two plexiglass rectangular pieces to display more than one photo. I toyed with the idea of putting their photo in one side of the frame and a creation in the other, but then I was curious about the idea of stained glass. It ended up working out really well, and the kids were excited to show each other their creations. They’re fun to look at!

What You’ll Need

  • IKEA picture frame holders ($1/each at IKEA)
  • Sticky paper (I got mine in a roll at the dollar store)
  • An assortment of fun materials to create the elements of the stained glass. I used tissue paper, foam hearts and stickers.
  • Plain white paper.
  • Scissors.


  1. Remove one of the plexiglass pieces and trace around it into the white paper. Cut it out.
  2. Draw a rectangle inside the rectangle you just cut out to create a frame. Cut that out as well.
  3. Take a piece of sticky paper and draw around the piece of plexiglass. Cut it out and peel off the backing to stick it to the frame you just created out of white paper.
  4. Place the frame sticky side up so the kids can decorate it.
  5. Place it inside the IKEA picture frame and that’s it!

The process of fun, the kids love to decorate it with all the materials and it works on multiple learning domains including fine motor, problem solving and spatial awareness.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! These frames are super inexpensive and handy for crafts. What other ways could you create the “stained glass effect?”

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