Mother’s Day Gift Guide


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Everyone has a special woman in their life who has guided them in some way. Mother’s Day is a day set aside to honor everything that women do to help raise and guide the generation of tomorrow toward a successful path.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the perfect person, something that honors their very being or something that says “thank you” for everything that they do. You want it to be sentimental or something that says “I picked this out especially for you” but nothing seems quite right.

Here’s a list of gift ideas for every woman in your life.

The Chef

This mama researches new recipes and experiments in the kitchen. Pinterest is her second home. She takes pride in what she makes and loves seeing others reactions to her new creations.

The Coffee or Tea Connoisseur

We all know this mom. You don’t dare talk to her before she’s had her morning blend. She has cream and sugar (or straight coffee if she’s bold) running through her veins. She’s always up for trying new blends, or has a few strict favourites she can’t live without.

  • A new coffee mug (this owl one is adorable on Amazon)
  • Travel mug (I LOVE this one from Indigo)
  • Special blend of coffee.
  • Tea sampler (David’s Tea offers sample packages. Check this one for iced tea)

The Grandma

Your grandma is like a second mom to you. She is there for all your adventures, and genuinely supports every decision you make. Her pride for you glows and she tells everyone around her how proud she is of you.

  • Fuzzy pair of socks (these ones are darn cute)
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Scented candle – You can’t go wrong with any Bath and Bodyworks Scented Candle.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

This mama can’t spend enough time outdoors. She loves to hike, camp, garden or just enjoy the fresh air. She loves being in the Wild, surrounded by the peace brought forth by being amongst nature.

  • Lightweight Backpack for hiking and camping (This one has great reviews on amazon!)
  • Gardening tools (like this beginner’s kit here)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (This one comes in a lot of colors)
  • Running shoes (these Nike ones are cute and practical)
  • Workout gear

The Pampered Mom

This mama loves everything to do with self care. She spends her time pampering herself, or spends her time wishing she could pamper herself. She loves warm baths, painting her nails, lounging in comfy sweats or trying new lotions.

  • Scented candle (Bath and Bodyworks, anytime)
  • Cozy pajamas (These ones are adorable!)
  • Face mask
  • Body lotions.
  • Manicure kit (like this one)
  • Bath bombs (this one uses essential oils)

The Quirky Mom

She’s unpredictable. You finally nail down a way to describe her and she throws a curveball at you. Suddenly that first explanation doesn’t make sense anymore. These gifts will be sure to jostle her inner quirkiness and send her into hysterics.

  • Ceramic Cat Planters – get yours here.
  • An Adult Swearing Coloring book (like this one)
  • A funny book (This one is called “Porn for Women.” It’s filled with lovely photos of beautiful men doing household chores.)

The Reader

She preorders her favourite books from the store, or puts them on hold months before the library even receives a copy. She has a passion for literacy, and can sit for hours indulging in a fantastic read.

  • Journal (This one is a self help journal with various prompts and writing ideas)
  • Cozy blanket (This one is cute and girly)
  • Great new read (I recommend “The Home for Unwanted Girls.” Purchase here.)
  • Gift card for book store (For discount books, I recommend Book Outlet)
  • Book mark (this one is adorable)
  • Ereader (I love my Kobo)
  • Book light

The Sentimental Mom

This mama loves anything that comes with a bit of extra love. If it’s homemade, she loves it. If it’s obvious you put the time in to create this, she adores it. She loves anything that takes her back to memories she cherishes.

  • Photo frame collage. She will love the effort you put in choosing individual photos)
  • Photography session. Hiring a local photographer to take new family photos will be a lasting memory for her.
  • Home made item. There are tons of sign workshops or paint workshops in my area.
  • Re creating childhood photos. This one is fun for you and her. She will get a giggle out of seeing you trying to recreate some of those treasured memories.
  • A locket with a photo of you inside. This one is adorable.

The Teacher

This girl might not even be physically related to you but she holds a special place in your heart. She is a guide, an inspiration and she has taught you or your children and left an impression.

  • Gift card.
  • Planner. Help her organize her life with this one.
  • Gift certificate for pampering at a local spa or salon.

And finally

The “Please Don’t Get Me Anything” Mom

These moms are the most difficult to please. They don’t seem happy with anything that you get them or tell you that you’re wasting your money. It can be frustrating but you can still get them something that they’ll secretly love.

  • gift certificate to do something together. Think restaurant, movies, theatre tickets.
  • Write her a letter.

If all else fails, wine. Happy Mother’s Day readers!

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