VTech 2251 Baby Monitor Review

VM333-2 image from amazon.ca

I was gifted a VTech VM333 baby monitor with two cameras for my daughter’s baby shower. I loved everything about the monitor. The picture is fantastic, it has pan and tilt which means that I can see all around the room at the touch of a button, it has a two way talk feature which means I can talk to her over the monitor without having to leave the room, and it held a charge like no tomorrow.

One day I went to plug it in before bed and the tiny pin inside the ac adapter was gone. I spent half an hour in my bathroom trying to find the tiny pin so I could charge it. Without the adapter, the monitor was useless. I called VTech and they said because I had the monitor for over two years that they wouldn’t replace any parts. I was crushed. I needed a new monitor as soon as possible for not only my own daughter, but to watch the daycare children during nap time.

My husband and I went to Toys r Us in search of a two camera baby monitor and it was nearly impossible to find one! Everything had to be ordered online, and I needed one that day. I checked Walmart first, Best Buy and The Source but only Toys r Us had them in stock. Luckily we found the VTech 2251-2.

Vtech 2251-2. Image from toysrus.ca

At first glance, the VTech 2251-2 came with all the same features as my old model minus the pan and tilt. It had night vision, two way communication, panning between cameras and the range. It had an average price tag of $179.99, and came with a one year warranty. My husband and I purchased it, and we were told we had 45 days to return it.

The camera system is awful. It’s worse than my two year old monitor. The picture quality is not good, the monitor takes forever to pan between the two cameras, the pan and tilt feature was sorely missed and the battery life is terrible. My old monitor would get four hours easily, this brand new monitor averages around two. The monitor also has a green light to show that it is functioning on the camera portion, and it was so bright it lit up my daughter’s room! Another thing I strongly disliked was that the camera recognition for noise was terrible. I woke up to my daughter SCREAMING one morning, which I could hear through my closed bedroom door and her closed bedroom door. The monitor did not pick it up at all.

I hated the 2251. I missed the old model, and searched for the upgraded version of the old model. It came with a steep price tag of $179.99 for ONE camera and the monitor which is more than we wanted to spend. I had just about given up hope when my husband and I pried open the old parent unit on my old model and tried to fix the missing piece.

Turns out the prong was bent, and after half an hour of maneuvering it, we were able to reinsert the adapter and successfully charge it! Needless to say, I am returning the VTech 2251-2, and writing this review to warn other potential consumers about the awful quality of this monitor. It’s hard to believe they’re manufactured by the same company!

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