Struggles and Successes (Journalwithme#40)

This week’s Journal with Me entry touches on the topic of personal struggles. Everyone has their own challenges that they face on a day to day basis. I find that every person has their own successes, and areas within their life where they have no difficulty, and then there are areas where we continuously struggle. The question itself asks:

“What is an area you’ve struggled most with in your life?”

Personally,  I prefer to see the positives of every situation. I like to focus on the things I’ve accomplished, rather than the areas where I struggle. Yet in order to continue to grow, it’s healthy to admit where you struggle. This way you can find ways to improve this particular area of your life.

I thrive in areas of organization and family life. I have a way of organizing my life, and keeping it organized in order for it to function the way I want it to. I have planned a large portion of my life, or at least tried to make it the way that I want. I love consistency. I love knowing what is coming next, and surprises often throw me off guard as does change. My family life is great as well. I’ve achieved almost all of what I wanted to do and hit all the important milestones needed in order for the rest to fall into place. In that area of my life, I can now just enjoy the ride and see what the future has to offer.

My struggles are definitely in the area of personal finance (thank God my husband is very good with money!), and using those finances to finance my future. I struggle with letting go of money in order to pay for schooling, even though I know the reward is worth the financial struggle. I can’t justify spending the absurd amount of money it takes in order to complete a bachelor’s degree when I have so many other important things to put money toward (like the roof over our heads for example!).

Another area where I struggle is keeping personal relationships. I am a homebody. I like the shelter and security being at home offers me. I dislike the pressure of needing to maintain personal relationships and go out, even though I know that once I’m out there I will have a good time. Part of that I blame on my introverted personality, but the other part is definitely a fear of being judged or not being liked.

Everyone has their own areas that they need to work on, and I tried to be open about mine. What are areas you struggle with? Feel free to leave your comments below and I would love to read them!

One thought on “Struggles and Successes (Journalwithme#40)

  1. Michelle

    Kids. It takes us about a year to get pregnant. And I am happy to have one living healthy child, but crushed to have lost two.

    You should go out with your friends more. They like you.

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