Binocular Craft for Toddlers

Spring is finally here! The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming and nature is finally resuming its vibrant self. One of my favourite things about spring? The return of the birds. I love watching the birds eat out of the feeder on our back deck. I love watching them take baths in the puddles that form in our yard on rainy days. I love listening to each of their unique songs as they call to one another amongst the trees.

My daughter has also inherited my love for the birds. She is very interested in what they do, what they eat, where they live and so on. She always points them out to me as we see them, and has even been able to identify some by name!

This gave me an idea.

What is something that all bird enthusiasts love to do? Watch them. Obviously I wasn’t going to give her my camera or a pair of high powered binoculars, so why not give her the opportunity to make her own special bird watching binoculars?

I quickly got to work hunting down materials. We needed paper towel rolls, twine, a glue gun, paint brushes and paint.

I started by cutting the paper towel rolls into equal sizes to form our binoculars.

I then took the hot glue gun, and glued them together using two strips of hot glue.

Next I attached some twine to the outside of one side of each paper towel tube to form the neck strap.

Now the fun part. I let my daughter and the other children who were here that day decorate their binoculars using paint. Make sure you use child friendly washable paint, especially with toddlers!

The end result? This adorable pair of personalized binoculars, ready for all of their bird watching activities. Comment below if you would like to see more arts and craft ideas relating to ornithology!

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