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As any new blogger knows, there’s a potential to upgrade a hobby site to a site that could actually generate revenue. Best of both worlds right? Being able to enjoy the plug ins and ad sense without a hefty price tag? I began seeking out my options and seeing what else was out there, just in case.

I got suckered in by the ENORMOUS amounts of websites convincing me that self hosting was the way to go. “Customize everything!” One website boasted. “Install Google Adsense and monetize your site!” Chirped another. Every website that appeared on google seemed to praise two hosts in particular: Bluehost and Siteground.

My curiosity peaked. This sounded so amazing. I’m a newbie when it comes to coding and blogging but I figured if the WordPress platform was already installed, it wouldn’t be much different than then the platform I’m using now right? Wrong.

Bluehost PAYS these websites a hefty referral affiliate fee. Every referral they get, the person who referred them could earn up to $100, and one website in particular said she was offered $130 per referral! Very tempting if you want an easy way to make money.

Today I spent a total of eight hours on and off trying to resolve technical issues surrounding my website. I shouldn’t be having technical issues right off the bat. My website wouldn’t import the data coming from my WordPress blog. Then it took two chat hosts to finally import it. Then my website showed a blank screen and there was no way to change it. What. A. Nightmare. Finally, at 9 pm my patience hit an all time plateau and I told the person I was chatting with just to cancel it. He dragged on our conversation ANOTHER HOUR and basically refused to cancel it. Finally I told him there was nothing else he could do, either cancel it now or I will in the morning by phoning and he admitted defeat. Honestly, I don’t know if they get paid on commission or receive disciplinary action when a customer cancels, but that was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Impulse decisions never end well for me. Now I’m back to, back on my premium plan and happy as a clam to be back to some normalcy. I missed the simplicity of this host, and I’m so glad to be done with the nightmare. I may reach out in the future and see what else is out there, but in the meantime there’s no place like home.

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