Five Mom Vlogger’s to Watch

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I began looking for all sorts of information. I wanted to be able to read what other women who were in my position were experiencing, and adhere to their advice about things I had yet to experience. After browsing countless blogs, I began searching for videos on YouTube, and wanted to find young women that maybe I could relate my own experiences to.

These five mom vlogger’s inspire and allow their viewers a glimpse into their chaotic lives in an attempt to show their journey through motherhood. I became hooked, subscribed to their channels, and this pushed me to want to begin my own blogging journey to help other mothers looking for information when they first start their parenting career. They taught me a lot and now hopefully will bring some entertainment to you as well!


Britney Morrow (Sills) from Britneyandbaby
Image courtesy of Youtube

Britney Morrow (Sills) is mom of four children: Aria, Nolan, Harlow and Scarlett. She began her blogging journey almost eight years ago, while struggling through motherhood as a teenage mom to little Aria. She was with Aria’s father Ean, and together they worked hard to provide for their little family. Their adorable son Nolan was born a few years later, and that’s when their lives all changed. Nolan was born without a thumb, and then was later diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Britney switched the focus of her channel to include updates and progress on her son, as well as to raise awareness about his condition.

Britney became pregnant with her daughter Harlow around May 2016, shortly after Nolan’s diagnosis. She is their busy toddler, full of life. Around Harlow’s first birthday, Britney and Ean split up citing irreconcilable differences, and Britney moved out on her own with her three children. This switched the focus of her channel once again to becoming a single mother.

Shortly after moving out on her on, Britney met a man named Frank Morrow, and they quickly fell in love. Within a year they had a child (Scarlett), got married, built a home and now they are raising their family together. Britney’s channel is full of ups and downs, and she tries to keep it as real as possible. Life certainly can’t be easy with four children! Her videos include recipes, pregnancy updates, family updates, daily vlogging, sit down videos and more. She is worth checking out!


Elle Walker from What’s Up Moms
Image courtesy of Fit Pregnancy

Elle Walker is a married mother of three: Presley, Ford and Tess. She lives in California with her husband Ross.

Elle is one of three moms who began the “What’s Up Moms” channel on YouTube along with pals Meg and Connie. Sadly Connie passed away shortly after giving birth to her second daughter. Meg and Elle have brought in other moms and expanded their channel. Together they vowed to bring excitement and entertainment to showcase the struggles of parenthood in comical ways. They also do videos relating to food, cleaning, product reviews, funny commercials, parody videos and much more.


Ellie Mecham from Ellie and Jared
Image courtesy of Youtube

Ellie Mecham is one of five siblings who all run independent YouTube channels. Her channel focuses mainly on their daily vlogs, and their joys and struggles.

She is married to Jared Mecham, and together they have three sons: Jackson, Calvin and Tommy. Ellie struggled for years with infertility, and she chose to use her platform to raise awareness about her hormonal imbalances and to show the struggles of trying to conceive when your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Ellie and Jared even ran a contest to give away fertility treatments to lucky applicants. Ellie has been very honest and upfront about all of her hardships, and she makes herself very relatable to her viewers.


Jennifer from The Family Fudge
Image courtesy of Youtube

Jennifer is a stay at home mom of four kids. She is a busy mom who focuses her channel on her love of preparing meals, homeschooling and arts and craft ideas. She also frequently does “ride along” trips where you can accompany her to the grocery store and watch the haul afterward.

Her videos are pretty to the point, and she rarely does daily vlogging so you don’t get to see her day to day life as much. She is great for reference videos though! Her meal ideas are so easy and simple, and her homeschooling videos are inspirational if you’re in the early childhood field and want to find new resources!


Jessica Skube from Jesssfam
Image courtesy of Youtube

Jessica Skube is a married mom of seven children: Caden, Lilia, Tommy, Kyson, Kaden, Landon and Addie. Her story is a bit complex, and she explains it all in a video that she links under all of her daily vlogs. Caden and Tommy are her step sons from her current marriage to Chris Skube, Lilia is her daughter from first relationship Gabe, Kyson, Kaden and Landon are all from her second relationship Drake and then Addie is her youngest child with husband Chris.

Jessica is full of life and has a glittering personality. Her videos make you smile, and invite you into her crazy family dynamic. She is always spending time with her children and doing tons of things together as a family. Her videos will give you ideas on entertainment, as well as insight into how she accomplishes everything throughout the day.

She is primarily a daily vlogger, and uploads five days a week about her family’s adventures. She has also done plenty of sit down videos in the past, but she’s so on the go and busy that vlogs make up the majority of her channel. She’s real and honest, and makes you want to be her friend.

I hope that some of these vloggers will bring you the same amount of joy they brought me. They are all relatable on some level, and at the very least will offer a glimpse into their chaotic lives, and some advice and guidance. Which mom vloggers do you like to watch?

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