Collections (Journalwithme#39)

This week’s question asks: “Do you or did you have any collections? What are they? What would you like to start collecting?”

The things I collected when I was a child greatly differ from my collection that I have now which one clear exception: my beanie babies. I have a ton of them that I’ve acquired over the years, and they currently sit in a large plastic drawer awaiting the day that I can either get their full value (ha!) or that my daughter would enjoy them.

Whenever I was a child, I had this sticker book. It was a plain book with a plastic cover, and blank pages on the inside. I doodled inside of it, plastered stickers all over it and looked back on it fondly for YEARS. To anyone else, it probably would’ve belonged in a recycling bin, but to me, it was a treasured object. I think I still have it somewhere!

I also had a stamp collection that was passed onto me by an elderly man that my mom worked with at a nursing home. He passed away, and left me with his collection. I believe the full collection is still at my parents house.

Nowadays I collect books. I have a library that my husband and father in law built for me in the lower level of my home that doubles as my office. It houses hundreds of books: my favourite reads, classics, autographed copies and books that I want to read. It brings me joy walking in there and seeing all the options for stories to lose myself in.

What were some of your favourite collections? I look forward to reading about them in the comments below!

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