Baby Registry Must Haves: The Ultimate List

Babies, although tiny, come with a lengthy list of needed materials. They need somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, somewhere to play, transportation needs and the list goes on and on. Below I’ve come up with a guide of baby “must haves” along with a list of helpful items that helped me through my first year with my daughter as a first time mom.

For a nursery tour of my daughter’s nursery, click here.
For a list of my daughter’s favourite baby products, click here.

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The Ultimate List


  • crib
  • crib mattress
  • crib sheets
  • crib mattress protector
  • sleep sacks for crib (for recommendations, follow this guide)
  • mobile
  • glider or rocking chair
  • dresser
  • change pad
  • sound machine (recommendation: Skip Hop Sound Machine. Purchase here.)
  • room darkening curtains or blackout curtains
  • laundry hamper or basket
  • diaper disposal unit (recommendation: Playtex Diaper Genie. Purchase here.)
  • baskets for storage
  • receiving blankets
  • baby monitor (recommendations: VTech Video Monitor. Purchase here.)
  • bassinet


  • activity table or exersaucer (recommendation: Skip Hop 3 in One Activity Center. Purchase here.)
  • age appropriate books (recommendations for board books, click here)
  • soft toys
  • teething toys
  • bouncer (Jolly Jumper was my daughter’s favourite! Purchase here.)
  • play mat
  • swing
  • bouncy chair
  • sit me up chair or a bumbo


  • bowls (recommendation: Munchkin Bowls with Lids. Purchase here.)
  • spoons (recommendation: Munchkin Spoons. Purchase here.)
  • bibs (recommendation: Kushies Bibs. Purchase here.)
  • bottles (recommendation: Avent Brand. Purchase here.)
  • bottle brush
  • sippy cups (recommendation: Munchkin 360. Purchase here.)
  • high chair
  • blender
  • food storage
  • cloths
  • nursing pillow
  • breast pump


  • car seat (recommendation: Safety 1st 3 in 1 Grow and Go. Purchase here.)
  • car mirror
  • stroller
  • carrier
  • diaper bag
  • wet bag (recommendation: Skip Hop Wet Bag. Purchase here.)
  • bottle bag
  • bunting suits (if you live in a colder climate)
  • car seat cover (recommendation: JJ Cole. Purchase here.)
  • playpen
  • playpen sheets

Toiletries, Bath, and Safety Materials

  • baby soap
  • lotion
  • nail clippers
  • hair brush
  • cloths
  • nipple cream for face rashes
  • towels
  • bath tub
  • bath toys
  • pacifiers
  • pacifier clips
  • outlet covers
  • locks for cabinets

Many moms will tell you that the majority of these items are luxuries rather than necessities. I purchased the majority of these for my daughter, and many of them came in handy for more than one purpose. Do your individual research before purchasing, and consider the quality of the item, the longevity, the purpose of the item and the practicality. Consult reviews from other moms, as well as recommendations put forth by Health Canada and the product manufacturers themselves. Happy shopping!

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