Five Toddler Approved Board Book Series!

My daughter is an avid reader, and has been since she was able to focus her eyes on the pictures within her books. She loves to look at her collection and repeats what she can recall from all the times the stories have been read to her. Out of her collection of books, I can think of five authors who stand out above the others, because my husband and I have sat through their creations dozens of times.

Duck and Goose by Tad Hills

Currently, this series ranks high on my daughter’s list of favourites. She loves the characters of Duck and Goose, and often compares the little blue bird character to one of her beloved Nickelodeon characters – Pablo the penguin from Backyardigans.

Each story has Duck and Goose engage in an adventure, mostly to find something or attend an event. She’s a big fan of the Duck and Goose It’s Time for Christmas Book in particular, and shakes her finger at each page when reading along with it. The story has Duck telling Goose that it’s not time for XY or Z activity, and eventually explains that it’s time for Christmas.

All the Books by Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton is a beloved children’s author. She creates funny stories that are cherished and read again and again. Some of them are down right wacky, some of them involve life lessons, but the majority of them consist of songs, rhyming and silly cartoon pictures.

The children love pointing out the different elements of each story, and giggle with each hilarious line. They honestly anticipate the next page. Some of the favourites include Moo Baa La La La, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs and Doggies.

Lift the Flap, Princess Baby Series by Karen Katz

What child doesn’t love interactive books? My daughter has been obsessed with Karen Katz life the flap books since she was about a year old. It’s always so exciting to see what adorable picture is going to be shown underneath each flap.

Some of the fan favourites? “Where are baby’s [insert festive item here].” There’s an Easter themed one, a Christmas themed one, a Halloween themed one and more. Toddlers can’t get enough of this series.

My daughter was also fond of the Princess Baby series, particularly Princess Baby Night Night which shows a little girl’s night time routine before heading off to bed.

Little Blue Truck Series by Alice Schertle

My daughter LOVED the original book. She loved making the animal sounds, and enjoyed the rhyming component of the story. It follows a little truck named Blue (original yes?) and his quest down a farm road. He greets different farm animals along his journey. He nearly gets run off the road by a big dump truck, who gets stuck in some mud up ahead. Now it’s up to Blue and the farm animals he saw to help out the big dump truck.

It’s a cute story about forgiveness and helping one another, and it allows the children to practice their animal sounds.

Little Owl Series by Divya Srinivasan

This series comes with various options for themes including colors and numbers. It follows a little owl as he explores his forest and everything within it. The different books point out how many animals are within the forest (the numbers book) and what colors the animals are (the color theme). The pictures are beautifully animated and captivating, perfect to engage your little one.

I’m always on the hunt for new authors to introduce to my daughter. Please leave your suggestions below. Happy reading!

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