Cotton Swab Raindrop Art

We decided to do an activity today that was a combined art and science experience. We took our little paint trays (pack of 6 for $1.25 at the Dollar Tree!), white paint and dark blue paint.

In front of the children, I took the blue paint and placed some into one of the circles. I added less blue paint to the next circle, and less to the circle after that. Finally I took white paint, and added a little bit to the second circle, then more to the third circle, and finally added just white paint to the fourth circle.

The children stirred their paint circles and discovered that by mixing different amounts of white and dark blue paint, that different hues of blue were formed. The preschool aged children were very excited. The toddlers joined in with the excitement but didn’t quite understand.

I then handed each of them a few cotton swabs and a raindrop cutout, and invited them to paint. The end results speak for themselves. So cute! A perfect art and science activity for the month of April.

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