Today I Saved $68.26 on Groceries! Here’s How.

Today I did a large grocery haul at Walmart. Walmart is a great store for budgets because not only do they have great everyday prices, they also price match identical product from competitors. It really is a one stop shop because they have departments for almost all your needs.

This didn’t mean to turn into an ad for Walmart (not actually an ad!). I often shop at local stores as well, but today the majority of the food deals were at Walmart, and I could price match the others. I also had my toddler with me so it was a good one stop shop.

Today I spent $160 on groceries. Ouch. What I bought ranged from fresh produce all the way to cleaning products. I shopped Walmart’s sales, and then matched the remainder of the product from competitors using the Reebee App and by using cashback on Checkout 51.

My husband has a thing for fresh vegetables right now. He prepares an assortment of fresh veggies to take in his lunch each day. His current favourites? The oh so expensive celery ($3.47!) and baby carrots ($1.97). Celery is not in season right now so it’s expensive but he insists on it.

My Best Savings

These pork back ribs were $18.82 at Walmart which is insane. I matched a local competitor, and ended up paying $9.40 which equals a savings of $9.42 (more than half price!). I plan on doing slow cooker ribs with these, and serving them with asparagus and baked potato. A savory weekend meal.

I am one of the few who prefer margarine over butter. I am also a bit of a margarine snob, and prefer the Becel brand over any others. These margarine containers were $3.54/each at Walmart. I matched a competitors price at $1.99/each, which equaled a savings of $3.16 for two. I also submitted them for cash back on Checkout 51, which gave me an additional $.75/each for a total savings of $4.66. Each container ended up costing me $1.29!

Is there anything better than bacon? Each package of bacon was regularly priced at $5.97, and I paid $3.00/each. That equals a savings of $6.00! Bacon is a staple here. I use it in a variety of recipes, and I also use it for that classic fry up breakfast. Mmm.

The remainder of the groceries equaled savings ranging from a quarter to several dollars. I’m always on the hunt to find great deals! Let me know if you liked this post and if you’d like to see a full on grocery haul.

To save money on groceries, I have a guide that I will link here. Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Today I Saved $68.26 on Groceries! Here’s How.

    1. Anytime! I learned what I know from my dad. He was always a crazy shopper too… to the point of reading the weight of product and comparing them by weight, price and brand. A simple trip to the grocery store with him used to take hours.

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