Easter Basket Art

Today we decided to tackle an Easter art project. My toddlers and I created “Easter baskets” using cardboard cutouts of baskets and decorating them with markers, glue and precut construction paper eggs. It was simple, creative and the finished product was very cute.

First you begin by drawing and cutting out a basket shape from either cardboard or construction paper. We chose cardboard as it would make for a more firm cut out.

Next, the girls were given markers to decorate the cutout however they desired. This part can become very creative and you can use a variety of items like glitter, stickers, foam pieces and more.

Give the children egg shapes, and they can decorate them and glue them into their baskets. I contemplated giving each egg a letter to write their names, but I ended up deciding against that.

The finished product turned out so cute! This activity can be easily adjusted for all ages, and the children enjoyed the process. Leave comments below if you decide to try this activity!

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