Prized Childhood Possessions (Journalwithme#34)

My family was not one who favored material possessions. I had toys, just like any other child, but the majority of my toys came second hand from garage sales or were gifted to me on special occasions like Christmas or my birthday. I was forced to create the toys that I did not have, and it did wonderful things for my imagination.

This week’s question asks:

What were your favourite childhood toys?”

From what I can remember, I was a big fan of my beanie baby collection. I loved setting them up around my bedroom, and collecting them to bring them to “school” with a shoe box school bus that I fabricated out of my dad’s giant boot box. I loved playing imaginative games. School with my neighbours was one of my favourites, or restaurant, or house… and all of those games took minimal material toys.

For actual physical toys, my books were my number one favourite activity. I also loved my skipping rope, bicycle, blank notebooks and stuffed animals. I was always creating stories that wandered throughout my imagination, and always drawing, journaling and designing.

I see a lot of similarities between my childhood interests and those of my daughter. She loves plush animals, she loves books and she loves art. She’s my mini me through and through and that thrills me to no end.

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