My Daughter’s Nursery Tour

My daughter’s nursery is her special retreat. I’m making this post as we are soon turning her baby girl nursery into a toddler room. My daughter is newly two, and she is slowly transitioning from her cozy crib into a big twin. We thought about doing the “in-between” with a toddler bed, but the crib and its mattress will eventually be moved into the new nursery we are creating for her little brother.

We decided to paint the entire home with neutral colours, and my daughter’s room was no exception. Her bedroom walls were a wistful grey, a calm and comforting colour that offer her peace in a busy home.

We accented these walls with white furniture. I found they gave the room the right contrast, plus I find white furniture for a little girl makes the room that much sweeter. There’s something innocent and docile about white furniture, and they complimented the room perfectly.

We purchased her dresser at IKEA and it doubled as her change table for the first two years of her life. Her change pad was from Toys R Us, and we always covered it with different change pad covers to keep her warm and to keep with the theme of the room. I keep a diaper genie to the left of her dresser. On top of her dresser, she has her wipes container, her Skip Hop owl sound machine, a lamp and a basket where we put her slippers and other small items.

The inside of her dresser was organized according to different types of clothing for the larger drawers, and the four smaller drawers were reserved for toiletries and care products.

Far left contains diapers. On the left she has size 4 Pampers Cruisers and on the right she has size 5 Pampers Baby Dry. I bought the size 5 to size her up for bedtime, but they are still too big.

Middle left contains all her toiletry products: diaper creams, medications, scissors, body lotion and more. She is not able to reach any of this yet, and she is still inside her crib. Whenever she switches to her toddler bed or is able to reach and open drawers, I will remove any hazards from her space.

Middle right contains her socks, her tights and bathing suits. Her bathing suits are from Carter’s (the rash guard) and Joe Fresh (the one piece). The socks are mostly from Gap, as are most of the tights. I used an old pajama box from Aerie to hold her tights and separate them from the socks.

Far right contains decorative hair accessories. Her headbands, baby bows, clips and elastics. She mostly wears her hair up in an elastic.

Top left drawer is for onesies or “diaper shirts.” I organized them so the short sleeve ones were in the front, and the long sleeve ones were in the rear. My brand preference for all onesies is Carter’s.

Bottom left drawer was for her bedding. I kept spare sheets, blankets, change pad covers and sleep sacks in this drawer.

Top right was for bottoms. I kept the pants that currently fit her in front, and the larger pairs, skirts and shorts in the back of the drawer as it is currently winter. I would rotate those in the summertime.

Bottom right was for sleepers and pajamas. I had them organized with warmer sleepers on the right and the cotton sleepers on the left for easy decision making.

To the right of the dresser, I kept the hamper. The glider rests beside the hamper and a small temporary nightstand.

Above the dresser I have two shelves that I purchased from Ikea to match her dresser. On them I have a few decorative items that I’ve collected over the years. The little elephant was a piggy bank gifted to her at my baby shower. The brown bear and pink bear were also gifts, and the hat the brown bear is wearing says “junior first mate” and she received it from the captain of our cruise ship. Beside the pink bear, there is a little silver box with a Harry Potter quote engraved on the lid. Inside this box I keep her jewelry. The second shelf contains mostly odds and ends, including a photo of her father and I pregnant with her and some tokens from my childhood.

On her windows, she currently has very dark black out curtains. Her light purple ones were only light filtering, and let in too much light for nap time. I’m hoping I can put them back up once she gets older and stops napping during the day. I purchased the black out curtains from a local discount store called Giant Tiger for $10/panel. She also has white blinds that we purchased from Home Depot.

Her bookcase was a bargain at a local garage sale. We paid $2 for it I believe. My husband sanded it down and painted it white to match the crib and dresser. It’s the perfect size to house all of my daughters favourite board books. On top of the bookshelf, we have a few plush animals and the baby monitor camera.

Her crib was purchased from Walmart. The brand is Dream on Me. The mattress was purchased from Babies r Us. My daughter still currently uses sleep sacks to sleep at night, but recently began using a pillow. I’m trying to slowly transition her out of sleep sacks into using blankets to prepare her for her twin bed.

The carpet on the floor was purchased from Walmart. It adds a fun animal print to the otherwise simply decorated room.

The “A” above her bed is the first initial of her name. We purchased the letter from Michael’s Craft Stores.

We are currently in the process of turning our third bedroom into a nursery and my daughter’s bedroom closet is a bit of a mess at the moment. I will create a second post showing how I organize her closet in the near future. Follow my page to see how I organize that space!

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