Ten Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting and emotional time. It’s a new chapter in your life, a new member of your family that you will be introducing to the world. Telling the most important people in your life is such a thrilling experience, and their reaction is one that you will want to capture to relive over and over again.

When I told my family about our pregnancies, we kept it pretty simple. I’ve watched videos and seen photos of how other people have revealed their pregnancies, and it’s so exciting to get to experience such a personal moment and share their energy.

Here are ten different ways to tell your family!

Frame the ultrasound.

This is how we announced our second child. We waited until Christmas Day, and wrapped up a picture frame with a copy of our ultrasound in it. Some parents got it right away, others thought it was an abstract art which made their final reaction even more exciting. Either way, a visual of their future grand child is enough to shock them and reveal the amazing news.

Purchase an outfit.

This is how I announced my first pregnancy to my parents. We purchased a gender neutral outfit from Carter’s, and placed it in a regular bag. When my mother pulled the outfit out of the bag, she was so shocked and excited! Plus, you get a cute outfit to keep at the end right?!

A balloon.

Place a balloon in a large box and wrap it up. Have the would be grandparent open it on a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday. When the balloon pops up out of the box, it will send everyone into hysterics.

A cake.

Bring a cake as a dessert to a dinner with your family. Have one of the future grandparents serve up the cake. Make sure you write something cute on the cake to make it obvious what the special occasion the cake is really for!

Have a sibling announce it.

If you have another child, sometimes it’s fun to have them do the announcing. Having them wear a big brother or big sister shirt if they’re younger, or letting them actually tell the family that they’re getting a sibling is exciting. If you have a dog, put a cute shirt on them too to let the world know!

Gift the future grandparent a children’s book.

Inscribe a message to the grandparent from their grandchild into the front cover of the book. The book could be one of your favorites from your own childhood that you want your child to enjoy one day. The sentimental value of the book will be so rewarding.

Pose for a photo.

Have someone (usually a partner) take a photo or set the camera up on a tripod. Have it be recording instead of on an auto timer. Tell everyone to say “so and so is pregnant!” and pretend to pose for a photo. It may take a second for everyone to clue in but it has an exciting ending.

“Bun in the oven” gag.

Place a bun in the oven and have your parents search for the secret item you’ve hidden in the kitchen. When they discover the bun, it’s only a matter of time until they discover the significance of it. It’s a funny reveal for sure!

A mug or glass.

Gift a special mug or glass that says something cheesy like “world’s greatest grandma.” That is usually enough to get the tears flowing and the excitement rolling. You can never have enough coffee mugs!

Just come straight out and say it.

Sometimes the best way is just to be blunt. You get the shock factor, there’s no guessing game, and you’re able to get the desired effect in record time.


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