The Best Sports Team of All Time (Journalwithme#32)

“Do you follow any sports? What’s your favourite team or athlete?”

Sports have never really intrigued me, ever. I learned some stats, player names and decided which players were terrible and which ones were worth cheering for because of my father. I was grandfathered into being a Leafs fan because of my family’s love for the hockey team. I was grandfathered into being a Bears fan because my brother and father religiously follow the team. Honestly, I never cared enough to follow a sport on my own and so my opinions were biased based on approval I received from others.

My husband is a Senators fan, so for his sake I don’t insistently bash them anymore. He’s also a diehard NASCAR fan. I picked a driver to try and understand the rules of the sport, and to have someone to root for. My criteria for a good driver? The brand he had painted across his car. The guy I chose ended up driving the Cheerios car. Do I have a clue which sponsor painted Clint Bowyers car now? No, not one.

I guess my answer to this question is, no one? I don’t care enough to follow any sports or athletes in particular.

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