Death changes everything.

Death forces you to sit down and reflect.

Death reminds you of your past, and tempts you into reliving your most sacred memories.

Death scares us. It’s human nature to be scared of the unknown.

Death is sometimes inviting. It can relieve suffering, relieve anguish and anxiety. It promises peace.

Death is soul crushing for those left behind. It leaves a ripple effect through the community, and its effects travel to acquaintances of those who were closest to the departed.

Death forces you out of your safety bubble, your sanctuary. It makes you face the ultimate certainty about life. No one lives forever.

This week in March has been shadowed with the presence of death. Its sadness and finality inspired this post. Its inspired us to live.

Live each moment as if it’s your last.

Live for others. Take pleasure in family and surround yourself with those you love.

Live for leaps. Jump headfirst into that new career you were scared to try. Talk to that person you’ve put off for too long. Grab that mic at the karaoke bar. Leap.

Live for experience. Hit those life milestones. Travel. Get married if you want. Start a family if you desire. Attend every concert you can if you’re able. Experience life and do what you love.

Live for the future. Live in the moment but also be a planner. Have short term and long term goals to make life even more exciting. You’ll be thrilled when you achieve them.

Live for those who are gone. Keep their memories alive. They want you to experience, they want you to be happy.

Live for yourself. Follow your dreams. Love with all your heart. Love yourself. You are worth it. You are still here. Fight to live.

To all those who have departed in this first week of March, may you Rest In Peace. Your memories will live on through those who loved you most. We will miss you.


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