Self-Care: Five Ways to Feel More Refreshed

Children are stressful little beings. This combined with the every day stressors with partners, careers, friendship, academics, house keeping – it can lead to burning out rather quickly. Having the proper time set aside for you to recharge is crucial. You need to be at your best in order to deal with all the rest!


This one is easier said than done. It takes a lot of motivation for one to pick up a journal and a pen, and have to put forth the effort to think about what you’re going to write (for writing prompts, see my 52 journal questions post for inspiration!). Journaling is the act channeling your energy through a writing instrument and letting go of your inner thoughts and frustrations. Sometimes getting your most private thoughts out on paper is so rewarding because you’re able to express yourself without anyone else getting hurt in the process. It’s an extremely beneficial therapeutic tool, and it can help you remember details about things that you want to remember in the future. You can also use it to track dreams, use it as a food diary or to document fitness goals, or to create lists. Making lists can help you organize your thoughts in a more concise way through point form.

Taking a Bath

Is there honestly anything more relaxing than soaking in a nice warm bath with a good book, some snacks, a candle and a beverage? Personally, this is one of my favourite go to de-stressors. It’s a time all to myself where my husband is responsible for consoling our two year old if she wakes, and mommy gets a peaceful quiet half hour soak in the tub. It will relax you, ease your pains and discomforts and it’s so soothing on your body. Add some bath oils or salts to give your skin some extra love.

Binge Watching Netflix

Seriously sometimes this is the simple recharge that all moms need. Whether it’s a brand new show or a series you’ve already watched twelve times (looking at you Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy), there’s just something so fantastic about sitting on the couch with a warm blanket, snacks and your phone watching some comforting television. Getting involved in someone else’s on screen drama completely distracts you from your own chaotic life. It’s great!

Take a Walk

Honestly this works if you are very stressed with pent up energy. You’re able to get some serious exercise and de-clutter your thoughts at the same time. Two birds one stone! I will take my daughter and the dog for long walks with our jogging stroller down a dirt road near our home. The combination of warm sun, fresh air and stunning views always puts me in a better mood, plus it makes for a happy toddler and happy doggie. Hurray!

Dive into a Fantastic Book

Before I had a family, I used to commute about 25 minutes each way to work. It can be a bit of a drag after doing this commute day after day. This is how I discovered audiobooks. I used to borrow the CD’s from the library, and immerse myself into a new world each week while I drove with the cruise on my highway commute home. That half an hour of bliss was enough to put me in a fantastic mood, and I was already doing the commute anyway so it didn’t take any additional time. Now I try to squeeze in half an hour of reading in my bed before I fall asleep. I tend to purchase the books at a thrift store or book sale now though. This way I have ample time to finish the book because life can get in the way! Other places to look for used books are Swap/Sell groups on Facebook, garage sales and used book stores.

These ideas will hopefully help you regain some of yourself back. Remember, you need to take care of yourself so you can be at your best to take care of your family. You are important. You are amazing. You are hardworking. Take care of yourself: body, mind and soul. Mama you need some relaxation!

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