My Favourite Colour – Today. (Journalwithme#31)

For years I said my favourite colour was purple. What I loved about purple was how it had multiple aspects to it, depending on the hue. It could be relaxing, uplifting and light if it was more of a lavender shade. A magenta style was more fun! Rich purple was the color of royalty, so if I was feeling a bit theatrical or confident, I would’ve chosen that as my favourite.

Nowadays I tend to stay more towards the colour blue. Blue is calming. Blue is consistent. Even throughout the multiple shades of blue, it always reflects things that are relaxing. A light blue is the colour of the sky on a sunny day. A teal or sea foam blue reminds me of the ocean, it’s calming waves and vague mysterious depths. A royal blue is flattering within clothing. Jean blue is comforting and familiar. Blue gives me the stability that I need at this point in my life. It pairs well with other colours, and no one is shocked when you admit your favourite colour is blue (I mean, have you heard the rumors that having a red painted room is more likely to turn you into a serial killer?! Eye roll.) I tend to stay away from the more “exciting” and fun colours, and keep to the familiar which is a direct representation of my personality.

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Colour – Today. (Journalwithme#31)

  1. So interesting!! I could have written this post! I always claimed purple was my favorite but now shades of blue are definitely my preferred choice because of their calming effect. 😀

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