Deja-Vu: Re-doing Moments in your Life (Journalwithme#30)

Are there ever times where you enjoyed something so much that you wish the moment would never end? Or a time when you felt complete bliss and it felt like nothing could tear you down from the high you felt? There are a couple moments in life whenever I felt that particular rush. This week’s question asks:

“What moment in your life would you want to experience all over again?”

There are so many different ones that I had that I don’t think I could select just one. I decided to break up this question and then it into a three parter: one childhood experience, one major life moment and one recent memory.

For my childhood experience, it would be the euphoria I felt whenever I was reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. I wanted to know what was going to happen and I was drawn into the magical world of Hogwarts. The books were filled with twists and turns, and I still enjoy re-reading them. Tying into the reading theme, I remember laying down in the top bunk at the front of my parents camping RV, and listening to the rain steadily hit the roof as I snuggled in my sleeping bag and continued the journey of whatever book I was engulfed in.

For a major life moment, aside from the excruciating pain, it would the moment I met my daughter. It took 17 long hours for us to finally join, but that moment where she took her first breath completely blew me away. I couldn’t believe this tiny creature with the perfect little lips, little tuffs of auburn hair, ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes was my creation. It was the ultimate high, the fact that my husband and I had created a life. That moment was absolutely perfect, and probably the best moment in my life thus far. Currently I’m pregnant with my second child, a boy, so we will see how his delivery goes but I’m excited to experience this moment again.

As for a recent memory, it would be when my daughter began telling us she “hub you” which is her way of telling us that she loves us. It melts my heart each and every time she says it. It’s something so little but it makes me so happy.

Please leave your comments below. I’m interested to read what some of your best moments are!

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