Sobbing Over Baby Clothes

I am having an incredibly irrational pregnancy moment and I felt the need to share it. I sorted through my daughter’s baby clothing and posted the majority of it for sale because we recently found out we’re having a son. I’m excited for his arrival, I’m excited for everything that comes with it but I am so sad to be getting rid of her clothes.

We have no space. I kept my favourite items for my future nieces and for sentimental value. I spent the day organizing and snapping photos to sell them for some new clothes and some pocket money. When I did that, I was fine. When I posted them, I was fine. Whenever the first person contacted me about them, I was fine. When I agreed to sell them and meet with them, I turned into a sobbing, blubbery mess. There’s no reason to keep them. There’s no reason to be sad other than the realization that I don’t need them anymore. My daughter is growing up.

Cue more tears.

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