Culture (Journalwithme#29)

This week’s question asks:

“Which culture do you find intriguing?”


My automatic thought was to go with Latin culture simply because of my background. The vibrancy of the people excites me, encourages me and shows me that there is more to life than the mundane day to day. Latin American people truly live each day, and their culture reflects that. They’re exciting. Their food is amazing and uniquely satisfying. There is no other food in the world that remotely approaches the salty, savory taste of each of their dishes. The music encourages you to move your body, and instantly cheers you or puts you in a better mood. The people are respectful, and treat each other as equals. They try to work together to build a better community.

See, that post was a bit bias because I already KNOW the culture because I was lucky enough to experience it first hand. My mother made sure to try and include as many aspects from my South American ancestry as she could while living in a suburban Canadian town, far from where she grew up.

If I were to say a culture that intrigues me that I am unfamiliar with, it would be Arabic culture. Their mannerisms and values, their food and music, their language and legacies – it would be interesting to explore their history and mythology. My personal intrigue would be the Egyptian culture, simply because of the historical component. I’m a huge history buff, and exploring Egypt and all their historical landmarks would be a dream come true. One day!

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