The Fictional Family I Relate to the Most! (Journalwithme#28)

This week’s question asks:

“Which fictional character or family can you relate to the most?”

I often find myself comparing my family to the families portrayed on television or in movies. Instantly some of their personality quirks become familiar to me, and I find myself thinking, “oh she’s so like (insert family member here).”

Whenever I was younger, I felt myself relating to characters from “That 70s Show.” My personality was on par with Donna’s, my husband possessed Hyde’s sarcastic attitude, and I could easily pick out friends to fill the rest of the character roles. As I age and have started a family, those characters are no longer as relatable as they once were.

My husband and I compare ourselves a lot to Doug and Carrie from King of Queens. It’s one of his favourite shows, and we find the personality’s compatible with ours, with a few exceptions of course (I’m not Carrie mean, I don’t have a severe shopping addiction and he’s not as selfish as Doug). I also find I’m comparing our lives to the characters from the 90s sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” My in-laws are similar to Robert’s wife Amy’s family, just with their quiet and polite demeanor, and my family is extremely loud and in your face like Ray and his family.

I suppose I take a little bit from each of these shows as I grow older and older, depending on which show I am watching at the time. It’s amazing how the writers are able to pull together a cast of characters that everyone continues to love even years after their show is pulled from the air.

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