Wearable Blankets for Every Stage Recommendations!

If you live in a colder climate like I do, blankets are a MUST. The problem with infants and toddlers is that they move around a lot when they sleep, and sometimes they remove their blanket which causes them to feel a chill and cry out for warmth. A wearable ensures that they will always be warm because it’s basically a sleeping bag! They are free to move around in it, but it has straps to keep it snug and warm around their tiny bodies.

There are many different brands, fabric types and TOG (measurement for warmth) that you can choose from. I have tried a few different brands, and I found myself straying back to two key ones.

Newborn – 3 Months

Image result for halo cotton swaddle

I LOVED the cotton Halo Swaddle. It is made from light, loose fabric, which allows for ultimate air circulation. The swaddle is easily adjustable with Velcro straps, and the the zipper is at the bottom which allows for easy nighttime diaper changes! The fabric is 0.5 TOG, which is the lightest fabric, but paired with warm bottoms the swaddle provides the warmth the baby needs.

I found the microfleece Halo Swaddle was too warm, and caused my daughter to sweat which was alarming. I only used it a handful of times.

Three Months Onward

Image result for halo cotton sleepsack

We rotated a few different wearable blankets from different brands until I found my personal favourite preferences for each season.

For summertime, the Halo Cotton Sleepsack is the winner. It features a 0.5 TOG rating which lets you dress baby simply underneath, and gives them the comfort of a layer without overheating them. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Image result for grobag 1.0 tog

For fall and chilly summer nights, I prefer the Grobag. The Grobag we have is a 1.0 TOG rating which is perfect for chillier temperatures. What I love about the Grobag is how spacious it is, and how comforting the material feels. It is the perfect weight for a baby and lets theme move freely throughout the crib.

During the winter, once again the winner is the Grobag. We have the heavier ones for the winter in the 2.5 TOG rating which adds added warmth and comfort on the coldest of winter nights. Again, like the one above, it is roomy and is a comforting material to allow your child to rest easy and sleep through the night. Unlike the fleece Halo sleep sacks, the Grobag does not cause my child to sweat.

I’m not looking forward to the day when I will switch my daughter from a sleep sack to a blanket. Follow my blog for the day when that happens! I will hopefully have some tips and tricks for things that worked for me.

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