Inner Peace (Journalwithme#27)

This week’s question revolves around rest and relaxation. It asks:

“Describe a time in your life where you felt totally at peace.”

There is a time that instantly came to mind. My husband, daughter and I took a Caribbean cruise with my parents January 2018. Cruise boats are one of my favourite places in the world. I love that you’re able to explore multiple countries in one trip, the food is amazing, the nightlife is amazing and you’re never bored aboard the boat. A moment from that trip really stood out to me. We were on the dock at the very front of the ship, and we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in between island ports. It was very windy that day, but it was warm so we took my daughter out onto the deck. The sea breeze whipped my hair around, the sky was a crystal clear blue, and the sounds of the waves from the ocean hitting the hull of the ship was so relaxing. I just stood there and held my daughter, enjoying everything around me and for a minute all of my problems just vanished. I cannot wait to go on the next cruise with my family. The outside world just seems to vanish for that one week of paradise.


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