10 Jobs I Find FASCINATING (but could never do)

I have mad respect for the people who do these jobs. These jobs are thrilling, time consuming, terrifying or a combination of the three yet they’ve always intrigued me. I always make excuses as to why I wouldn’t be able to do these jobs, and instead live vicariously through people who document their professional lives on twitter or through blogs.

Police Officer

A police officer’s job is equal parts thrilling, terrifying and important all at once. Knowing that you’re the person that somebody counts on for help sounds so stressful, but at the same time, it makes for a meaningful career. The unknown of day to day activity keeps your job interesting, but the trauma and PTSD that comes along with it may not be worth it. I’d love knowing what happened, and being there to try and help someone in need, but I would be terrified to lose someone, or have to use my gun to defend myself or someone else. I have the utmost respect for police, because at the end of the day, they just want to get home to their families like the rest of us.

Customs Agent

A customs agent would be a fun job as well! I would love to find out where everyone had been, a bit about their history and to see if I can crack what secrets they are hiding. On the flip side, I would be scared to carry a gun, nervous about confronting someone even though I would be the one in the position of power, and it would be a stressful job knowing that so many people out there steal identities and travel. I wonder if I would be better at the paperwork side of this job?


I love movies. I love reading scripts. I enjoy imagining what a book would be like if it were turned into a movie. It’s fun picking out the cast, which people would bring the movie to life. This job would be SO STRESSFUL though. I mean, contemplate the idea of transforming a beloved novel into a movie for example. You’re always going to have the diehard fans who will critique every decision you and the writers make. What to keep, what to cut – that just sounds too stressful for me!

Federal Agent

I watched Criminal Minds for years. I love reading about true crime, and watching crime shows on tv. The mystery, the suspense, the thrill of discovering who did it. It’s basically like a big game of clue right? But then there’s the long hours, the stress, the bereavement of the families involved, the sheer horror of the crime sometimes… it would be so much to handle.


It would be awesome to be able to sit in on some of the conversations politicians have with their coworkers. It would be cool to discuss policy, invoke laws, create budgets and try to decide the best course of action that would represent an entire nation. This job comes with a boatload of responsibility and criticism. Reality is, you can’t please everyone and someone will always be upset no mater what course of action you take.

Wedding Planner

This one I actually considered for a bit. I’m organized, punctual, thorough and I’m excellent at conducting research and scoring deals (tooting my own horn for a sec). I probably could deal with this no problem if I really wanted it. The problem I have though is always being on call for your clients. Brides freak out. Drama happens and plans change. Venues change their policies. Photographers bail at the last minute. It’s a TON of pressure to please your client.


This one would be amazing. I love helping people, and what better way to combine people skills with logic? I would probably do alright as a family physician, someone who works an 8:30-4 day and then goes home and lives their life. I couldn’t deal with an ER or surgery. The blood, the needles, the stress, the life or death, the dead bodies, the terrible earth shattering news for families – nope no thanks.

Social Worker

This is closely related to the field I work in and I contemplated this career path as well. I love working with children and families, and being able to provide care and compassion in times of need. What would bother me is the complete destruction that would await me with some cases. Children would be neglected, families destroyed. Addiction. Divorce. Domestic abuse. I feel like I would be attending therapy to deal with my job.


Fitting that the next job be a therapist. I have been told time and time again that I give good advice. That I could be a therapist. I’m good with people, I can provide a “devils advocate” perspective that allows people to think, and I could be empathetic yet firm at the same time. Listening to people tell me their problems all day wouldn’t bother me, until you get to that one case that would bother you. The one that you take home. The one that bothers you as you lay in bed for the night. Those cases would bother me.


Being a paramedic is in the same category as being a doctor, a nurse or an agent. Immense amount of pressure, bereaved families, someone’s life in your hands. You provide a most valuable service but you see and deal with a lot on a daily basis.

These jobs are done by the most amazing people. I have incredible respect for them and I would love an opportunity to experience each profession for a day.

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